Letter to the Kenyan athlete after Rio fiasco

  Dear our beloved Kenyan sportsmen, First and foremost, congratulations to all of you who went to represent our beloved country, Kenya, at the international scene at the Rio Olympics. You carried our flags high on that scene and earned us a spot in people’s hearts across the world when our national anthem was played on the last day of the Olympics. I say thank you and I am extremely grateful for that. I write this letter to apologise. I am sorry that some of you did not manage to travel with your coaches because their tickets were handed over to someone’s mistress/sister/cousin. I am sorry you got there and most of you did not have kits. I can only imagine how frustrating and embarrassing it was for you to participate in one kit yet those you were competing against had nearly three kits for each day. I am sorry that when you got there, there was a man who was allegedly handling you like toddlers, though I think toddlers are handled much better. I am sorry that there was another man who apparently was caught red handed soliciting for bribes. I know you must be wondering why someone would want to do that on the international scene knowing only too well that the focus would be you seeing as you are known as some of the greatest sportsmen in the world, but trust me, not all of us are very bright children. I am sorry that there was so much controversy that some of you decided to cab home instead of heading into the NYS bus that was apparently set aside to ferry you home. Though, if I were in your shoes I would have done the same. How about the government hires limousines to pick you up? But most importantly I am sorry that my government let you down. Yes I call it my government because I pay taxes. I am sorry that all that has been done has been is the “he/she did” scenario that the government plays all the time. Our cabinet secretary in charge of the sports docket washed his hands of the issue by telling us that he was also a victim of the cartels. I am sorry that you might never get answers to the questions because all of a sudden no official is ready to speak to the media in regard to what happened in Rio – they are busy writing reports. Mind you we are expecting about three reports from teams that came to Rio to assess the games. As I apologise, allow me to ask for one favour though, I know you are all resting and taking time off to be with your families, as you talk about your experiences but I only have one request. Kindly speak to us about your frustrations. Tell us what happened because hearsay can also be frustrating. I promise you we shall not judge you because we are very embarrassed by what happened. Remember the closed-door session you had with the deputy president in Rio where you aired your grievances? Now make it a public session. Do not hold back. I feel this is important because this is not the first time we have heard of your frustrations at the international platform. If you speak now we might just be able to end this stupidity before the next Olympics. We might see the need to punish those that let you down and we might see the need to put in structures that will help you in future. I also feel that our president will then act on those who were responsible for your misery in Rio. Once again, I am truly sorry. Kind regards, An apologetic Kenyan Ps: did those of you who won get your cheques from the CS?

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