Dar, Kampala emerge as top travel destinations for Kenyans – Report

Dar, Kampala emerge as top travel destinations for Kenyans – Report

The East African Cities of Dar es Salaam and Kampala have emerged as the top travel destinations across a three year period according to data shared by rides-hailing company Uber.

The twin regional cities appear consistently as top destinations for Kenyans in both its 2019 and 2021 data sets.

Other top destinations registered include the cities of Johannesburg, London and Doha.

According to the ride’s hailing data extracted from its clientele base, US Capital Washington D.C, Toronto, Birmingham and New York City rank as other top travel destinations for Kenyans in 2021.

India’s capital New Delhi meanwhile is ousted as a top destination in 2021 after making the list in 2019, most likely, a factor of recent COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

On the flip side, nationals from the United States, South Africa and Qatar have been listed as the top nationalities visiting Kenya this year.

In contrast, citizens from the US, the UK and India were the leading arrivals to Kenya in 2019.

Uber’s data closely matches up to government data provided by the Tourism Research Institute (TRI) which has the United States as Kenya’s leading tourists source market so far in 2021.

Besides being top destinations, Uganda and Tanzania are also key source markets for visitors.


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