Genghis enters online FX dealings in collaboration with EGM Securities

Genghis enters online FX dealings in collaboration with EGM Securities

Investment bank Genghis Capital will now deal in a wider range of alternative asset classes including online currencies in a new partnership with EGM Securities.

The collaboration announced on Monday allows Genghis to extend its portfolio to include commodities, global indices, precious metals, oil and high demand stocks.

“Partnering with EGM Securities is a significant step for Genghis Capital. The partnership allows Genghis Capital to offer its clients the ability to trade for themselves in the global space. In addition, it falls within our vision to offer our clients world-class investment options allowing them to diversify over different asset classes, noted Genghis Capital Head of Securities Kenneth Minjire.

The deal will allow the two firms to collaborate in the offering of the most sort after stocks including technology stocks such as Zoom, Amazon and Alphabet and pharmaceuticals companies such as Moderna, Gilead Sciences and Pfizer.

“We are very pleased to now partner with Genghis to extend the opportunity to a wider client base, grow revenue streams and offer access to global markets by partnering with a large company that is heavily regulated and carries deep commitment and expertise,” said EGM Securities CEO Samwel Kiraka.

EGM Securities is Kenya’s largest online non-dealing forex broker by market share and is part of the Equiti Group of Companies regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.


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