Grand theft? Goldenscape investors yet to be paid since November 2019

Grand theft? Goldenscape investors yet to be paid since November 2019

Goldenscape CEO Peter Wangai made an impression on many potential agribusiness investors. They were fascinated by the returns his company promised.

He captured their imagination with phrases like “Use your Returns On Investment as a deposit to one of the houses”.

On their website is a video of Mr. Wangai talking about some houses under Amal Haven Investments.

Contractual obligations that promised a Ksh.550,000 return on a Ksh.320,000 investment made the deal too sweet for many to turn down.

“..ile pesa ningepata kwa hiyo pesa nimeekeza kwa hiyo kampuni ilikuwa inapita zaidi ya milioni saba hivi….hiyo hatua nilichukuwa niliona ingenitoa kutoka hili dimbwi la umaskini….” one of the investors said.

John* whose real identity has been concealed for safety reasons, sought intervention from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

He went to record a statement with detectives over what he believes is a con game.

Having seen what appeared to be a glittering business opportunity in the agriculture world, John* sunk close to Ksh.1.5 million in the greenhouse projects.

“Mwezi jana ndio mwezi wangu wa sita ulifika …kutafutana na hawa watu wote walifunga simu zao so sikuwa na namna ya kuwapata….” he told Citizen TV.

Another investor who sought anonymity said: “Mnamo mwaka wa 2018 may, niliendanga nikaekeza na Goldenscape nikawekeza greenhouse mbili kwa bei ya Ksh.640,000….kutoka hapo nilikuwa nangoja tu nilipwe…nikalipwa mara ya kwanza …nikachukua hizo pesa nikarudisha tu kule kule…halafu nikaongezea greenhouse tatu….zikawa tano…. sasa nikangojea nilipwe mwezi wa kumi na moja nikapewa cheque lakini ikaruka kwa bank….ilikuwa mwezi wa kumi na moja last year….bank ilisema ilikuwa unpaid cheque…”

He was persuaded to wait until February 29 but Peter Wangai has been evading him ever since.

Greenscape has instead sent them a new contract with new terms.

Those in disagreement and seeking termination of their contracts can only get back their capital after 8 months while those seeking to remain, have to sign a new contract that has fresh conditions.

Returns on investments have been cut significantly and the new contract is pushing the payment dates to August.

Efforts to reach the management of Greenscape greenhouses have proved futile. Calls to Peter Wangai did not go through as his phone was switched off.

When Citizen TV went to the Greenscape offices located on Kimathi Street in Nairobi, it was locked and neighboring tenants said there have been a lot of people asking about the company.

A spot check at the company’s Karen offices found at least 5 people armed with brown envelopes: they had also come to find out what was really going on.

The lady at the office refused to talk to Citizen TV or reveal the whereabouts of her boss.

A lady who claims to have invested thousands of shillings with Goldenscape Greenhouse Ltd said rather than getting her dues, she was been given a new contract.

This means the date of getting returns on her investment has been pushed forward and returns lowered.

“Walitudanganya, kwa sababu sahizi tumekuja wanasema it is either wanirudishie pesa yangu …the Ksh.380,000 na si sahizi….after 8 months… that is very weird….8 months from now if i want to take back my money na kama sitaki nisign a new contract ya 2 years ambayo wamechange terms …sasa sitakuwa narecieve Ksh.275,000 nitakuwa napata Ksh.125,000 shillings after six month… sasa nikukubali sahizi kuingia kwa hiyo new contract watanilipa after six months Ksh.125,000 of which i am not sure kama watapata hiyo pesa, juu sahizi wanasema …..”

Her hope is that government agencies like the DCI will come in and intervene.



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