How to connect an android device to TV

How to connect an android device to TV

To connect your android phone to the TV, you can use a Micro-HDMI cable.

Another option is wireless where you can use Miracast or Chromecast.

Miracast is an improptu network wireless standard that creates a connection between two devices.

Chris Martin tells Tech Advisor that for video transmission, Miracast uses H.264, which means you can stream iPlayer and YouTube on TV.

To access this all you need is a top box that supports miracast although some TVs support it without the need for extra hardware.

An alternative to Miracast is the Chromecast which is plugged into a HDMI port on the TV and connects to your wireless network.

To use Chromecast, you need any Android phone running v4.4.2 or higher.

With Chromecast, you can play content from services such as iPlayer, Netflix, BT Sport and others can be played with the Chromecast dongle doing all the legwork instead of your tablet which means saving battery life.

You can also use Chromecast to view the display on your Android device.

With this you can hit play on your android device and the video will start playing on your TV. This is for anything the screen can display including apps, games and photos.

Apart from the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) being affordable, Martin tells Tech Advisor that it can also accommodate video and audio simultaneously allowing you to connect devices.

The MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) and the newer SlimPort is a pair of widely-supported standards that allow Android owners to connect to external displays using their microUSB port.

Just like the HDMI, the MHL and Slimport support both video and audio.


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