Kenya loses Ksh.50M daily on traffic jams

It has now emerged that Kenya loses over Ksh.50 million daily in traffic jams.

According to a new report by the Institute of Economic Affairs Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) now says that the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transport System holds key to managing traffic especially in Nairobi.

IEA further suggests a raft of measures among them a congestion charge that will discourage people from using their cars.

“Congestion charges will discourage everyone from using their car on a daily basis meaning we will have less cars on the roads and people will take up more of public transport,” said Kwame Owino- CEO, IEA.

Motorists however insist that the solution could also lie in a reliable and efficient public transport system.

“You cannot tell someone that they should use public means of transport whilst there are none that cater to them in that particular route,” argues Kenya Motorist Association’s Peter Murima.

But even with the huge number of personal vehicles being registered, the bulk of the blame sits with the PSV operators, a blame operators shifts to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

“The vehicles that are on the roads are way too many than the roads can support ….this is the main issue,” said Mary Kiarie, Deputy Officer in Charge Traffic Nairobi.

“The problem is with the NTSA where they register more vehicles than the once that are required in the transport sector,” said Simon Kimutai, the chairman MOA.

As the industry players continue to look for ways of ridding the city from traffic snarl-ups, Kenyans continue to lose millions to this menace daily.


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