Petrol price up by 72 cents per litre while diesel drops by Ksh.2.18

Petrol prices have picked up for a second time in a fortnight as the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) reviewed the cost of the product upwards by 72 cents. Meanwhile, diesel consumers will mark some marginal relief as the energy sector regulator impacts a Ksh.2.18 slash on costs beginning Thursday midnight. Kerosene costs have meanwhile remained unchanged in the review period as no consignment was discharged at the port of Mombasa in the past one month. The differing changes to the fuel costs are attributable to differences in the pricing of landed oil imports. For instance the cost of landed super petrol rose by one per cent in the period while that of diesel decreased by 5.42 per cent. The cost of Super Petrol is expected to rise to Ksh.107.27 per litre in Nairobi while diesel costs will drop to Ksh.92.91. The price of kerosene is meanwhile expected to hold at Ksh.83.73 in the capital. Wednesday’s maximum pump prices review was the second in the month of October with EPRA having been forced to adjust upwards the cost of all three fuel products at the start of the month following the adjustment of the effective excise tax charge by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). During the review that took effect on October 1, petrol prices picked up by Ksh.1.12 while diesel and kerosene costs rose by a par 58 cents. The new maximum prices are expected to last through the next month to November 14.

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