Sugar shortage is artificial, AFA says

The Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) has dismissed claims of a sugar shortage in the country.

The authority’s sugar directorate has termed the current crisis facing the sugar sector as a scheme by some outlets to create an artificial shortage so as to exploit consumers.

AFA Director General Alfred Busolo said there are enough sugar stocks in the country and wonders what the hullaballoo is all about.

“As of Monday, we had 8,900 tons, that is equivalent of 178,000 bags of sugar at factories not been sold. So we have more than enough stocks,” Mr Bussolo said.

The assurance comes on the back of reports of sugar rationing by some outlets in the country which were limiting the purchase of the commodity to only two packets.

Mr Busolo further adds that the country imported another sixteen thousand tons of sugar as of last week to plug any deficit that may arise.

“Rationing in itself sends a message that there is no sugar or you need to rush buy and stock. We have upwards of 25,000 tons of sugar as we speak,” he stressed.

The supposed shortage has led to a twenty percent rise in the price of a one-kilogram packet of sugar which is now being sold at an average of Sh145.

Kenya which is a sugar deficit country consumes an average of 770 ,000 tons of sugar every year.


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