The Pros and Cons of importing a car

Importing a car in Kenya has become very popular because of the relatively attractive prices of the cars for sale. Though a longer, more daunting process than buying cars locally, it is quite beneficial to people.

As much as this process is of advantage, there are also some risks involved. Here are some car importation pros and cons you should know:

The Pros

Affordable Cars: Getting Value for Money

When you decide to buy a car most times the most important questions atthe back of your mind are which car to buy and where to buy it from.

Some people buy their cars locally, from car dealers who may be slightly expensive. This is because of the mark up they put on the cost price of a car.

Other people, those keen on saving every shilling they can, opt for importing a car because more often than not, you will buy a car at a reduced price. This is a plus for any car buyer.

Good Quality Cars

Imported cars are generally of better quality than locally used cars because they are well maintained.

They can also be modified specifically to suit your needs. Roads in Japan are totally different from Kenyan roads.

Therefore, a car is modified accordingly to ensure it is safe for use in Kenya once the importation is done. Sometimes you may also find that the car you bought is delivered to you but with some problems.

This happens a lot when it comes to used cars. The car may arrive with minor troubles or dents that were not anticipated or showcased in the advertisement.

To top this, it comes with high mileage or one that has been tampered with. To solve this, Timam Cars are guaranteeing quality service by ensuring you get access to high-quality cars with low mileage.

They will assist you in selecting the best car based on your needs and also break down transparently, the cost of importing your car, delivering it straight to your doorstep.

Access to a Wide Variety of Cars

When you want to buy a car, it is wise to look around before you make your decision. This might mean going through multiple car sites or visiting different dealers to get a good bargain.

Getting a variety of cars to choose from is quite satisfying but then again it can get confusing. Worry not, with Timam Cars you get your own personal representative to walk you through the whole process and literally do everything for you.

The Cons

The Importation Process

We all know that importing a car is a tedious, long process and that is why some people will opt to pay more locally than go through importing a car.It is also very tiresome as it involves identifying a car from overseas, having an assessment done, having it modified if need be, shipping it and clearing it from the port of entry.

Imagine all this done for you while in the comfort of your home. Quality service right to your doorstep.

Physical Examination of The Car

Car importation procedures often happen on online platforms. This robs you of the chance to physically inspect the car and know what to expect. There is no chance to test drive or measure the confinement of the seating arrangement.

This is where support from a trusted importation company comes in to ensure that what you see is what you get.

The Fraudsters Challenge

People have been defrauded one too many times by fraudsters who set up fictitious car auction sites. When one wires the cash for purchasing a car, the fraudster disappears without a trace. Question is if one isn’t sure of the importation process, can they put their faith and complete trust in a reliable and transparent company to import on their behalf?

The answer is, Yes They Can.

Timam Cars will import cars on behalf of car buyers, who seek assurance and peace of mind during the importation process. To top this, they give your car a minor service and deliver it to you with a full tank.


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