Why Kenyan, Ethiopian airlines may suspend Juba flights

Why Kenyan, Ethiopian airlines may suspend Juba flights

Kenyan and Ethiopian airlines are threatening to suspend operations to Juba over increased cases of luggage theft.

According to Voice of America, South Sudan government spokesperson Michael Makuei said the two airlines plan to stop services to Juba because of increased customers complaints.

“”Sometimes you really don’t know whether these are part of the airport authorities or they are just hawkers around. Like sometimes they come and try to take your luggage from you forcefully and you really have to stand your ground and tell them I am doing it myself,” Kuach Pech, one of the customers told VOA.

He revealed that he had lost a carton of books after he travelled from Entebbe to Juba aboard Ethiopian Airlines.

Though he reported the incident to airlines staff in Juba, one year later, he is yet to get back his luggage.

Passengers often term Juba International Airport as ‘disorganized.’

“There is need for officials to have a specific type of uniform and IDs always on display so you know who is an official that you can trust or who is not, so that when something is lost it can easily be traced because airport authorities will know who was on duty that day and those people will be accountable,” Pech told VOA.

A representative of the South Sudanese Government is expected to meet with executives of the two airlines over the matter.


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