Will electricity bills come down? KenGen injects 79MW into the grid

The announcement by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) raises hopes for cheaper electricity bills and cleaner power.

79MW powering KenGen’s geothermal output to 612mw into the national grid.

Olkaria V is expected to generate 158mw at full steam.

It is expected that the balance of 79mw will be injected once Unit Two of the generator is synchronised by the end of August.

KenGen has over the years developed an energy mix comprising of hydro at 819.9mw, geothermal at 612 mw, thermal at 53.5mw and wind at 25.5mw.

Ideally, the new addition of geothermal power is expected to lower electricity bills in Kenya.  This is aimed at attracting more investors to the country.

Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to ease the burden.

About 70 percent of Kenya’s electricity installed capacity is from renewable making the country among the global top producers of clean energy


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