Artist Stevo Simple Boy collapses on live TV, says he's stressed

Artist Stevo Simple Boy collapses on live TV, says he's stressed

Musician Stevo Simple Boy. PHOTO/COURTESY: Instagram/Stevosimplesimpleboy8

Local musician Stevo Simple Boy on Friday collapsed during a live appearance on Citizen TV's popular entertainment show, "10 Over 10."

Simple Boy was conversing with show host Azeezah Hashim when the incident occurred, sparking immediate concern among fans who were present at the show, as well as viewers watching the broadcast.

The atmosphere turned tense as the show temporarily halted to ensure Stevo received medical attention.


The unexpected turn of events left everyone on edge, with fans flooding social media platforms with well-wishes for Stevo's speedy recovery.

"Simple Boy naona amecollapse pale kwa live telly  Hope he’s ok," @Raykako said on X.

"Pole sana Stivo simple boy. Quick recovery kijana," added Elijah Okwema.

After a brief but tense moment, news emerged that Stevo Simple Boy had regained consciousness and was in stable condition.

He reached out to the show host via phone call, reassuring her and his worried fans that he was doing well.

"Sasa hivi niko sawa," he said.

Simple Boy subsequently took to Instagram to further talk about the incident, highlighting that he is severely stressed.

"Meneja rudi tupige kazi nimeishiwa nguvu. Watu wasitukosanishe. Stress inanipiga mpaka naanguka kwa stage nikiperform. Mnataka kuniharibia mpaka manager," he said.


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