Charlie Sheen: Could he be going to jail amid HIV diagnosis reveal?

Charlie Sheen: Could he be going to jail amid HIV diagnosis reveal?

Hollywood star, Charlie Sheen, on Tuesday revealed he is HIV positive, but is he headed to a jail cell instead of his doctor’s office?

The actor admitted to having unprotected sex after discovering he had the disease – and that is a crime that could put him behind bars.

Though Charlie Sheen, 50, got a huge weight off of his chest by admitting he’s contracted HIV, he may be in store for some stress with the law, says Hollywood Life.

It is a crime in California for someone to have unprotected sex when he or she knows they have the HIV virus.

If a person “willfully exposes another” to a communicable disease — like herpes or other STDS, for example — they could get 6 months in jail.

In the actor’s case, Hollywood Life adds: “if he had sex with someone while knowing he had HIV, he could be convicted of a felony that’s punishable by a max of 8 years in prison.”

During the four years since he discovered he was HIV carrier, Charlie said he had unprotected sex at least twice.

However during his November 17 TODAY show appearance Charlie claimed, “the two people that I did that (had unprotected sex) with…they were completely warned ahead of time,” adding: “I did nothing wrong.”

Nevertheless Charlie should get a better lawyer, because he reportedly has plenty of past lovers angry with him for possibly infecting them with the virus.

According to the entertainment site, four women allegedly claim that Charlie put them at risk during sex.

Though law enforcement officials tell TMZ that no one has come forward with a complaint over Charlie, that may soon change.

Charlie’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, admitted she’s known about his condition for “a number of years,” but she hasn’t been “intimate” with him since 2006.

Denise has since tested her children — daughters Sam and Lola. Both girls, thankfully, do not have the disease.


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