Crazy World: Woman, 24, injects lover’s 2-year-old baby with HIV

Crazy World: Woman, 24, injects lover’s 2-year-old baby with HIV

A Zimbabwean model Tafadzwa Mushunje appeared in court on February 25 facing allegations of injecting her lover’s 2-year-old son with HIV infected blood, reports Zimbabwe’s Herald.

She was also accused of beating the toddler and forcing him to drink urine.

The prosecutor Mr Peter Kachirika said before a Harare court that on January 31, the boy’s mother gave the minor to his father who was in the company of Ms Mushunje.

The court heard that it wasn’t the first time the boy’s mum would give custody of the toddler to him in presence of the accused.

The boy’s mum said she would notice strange marks on the child each time she was reunited with her child. She, however, would take no action as she was uncertain of the cause.

On February 23, she read an article online that claimed Ms Mushunje assaulted the boy whenever his father left him in her care.

The reports said: “Mushunje would withdraw her HIV infected blood using a needle and syringe and inject the boy.”

After reading the story, the child’s mother linked it to the marks she saw on her son’s body and proceeded to report the matter to Zimbabwean authorities.

The boy was referred for medical examination as investigations were launched into the matter.

A court hearing will resume once investigations are complete.


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