Elsa Majimbo calls out trolls for attacking her dark skin after claiming money had changed her

Elsa Majimbo calls out trolls for attacking her dark skin after claiming money had changed her

Content creator and humorist Elsa Majimbo. PHOTO | COURTESY

Content creator and humorist Elsa Majimbo has continued to engage in bitter tiffs with her fans and haters a day after she audaciously claimed that money had changed her and that she was never humble to start with.

The Los Angeles-based Kenyan skit maker and model, who found unimaginable success during the pandemic period, rising to stratospheric fame and winning accolades from global superstars, recently went live on Instagram to address her haters and people she claimed were castigating her for 'changing'.

The comedienne was addressing people who were saying that "money had changed her" saying that, after striking it big, her standards just could never be the same.

"I’ve seen a lot of comments on how money has changed me so much, and my response is, of course, it has. Are you joking? I was never humble. I was a victim of my circumstances. Do you know the difference? What happened to the old Elsa? She got her money up! My net worth went through the roof. That’s what happened to the old Elsa. I’m rich now!" she bragged.

Shortly after making the comments, which many deemed aloof and tone-deaf, Majimbo received an avalanche of hate response from fans and detractors alike, with many taking a dig at her comedy skits, calling them unfunny and bland.

Other people even went further, singling out her obvious dark skin and noting that, even after the millions she had made in Hollywood, none of it could change her dark skin and African ancestry.

After hours of silence, it appears that the sassy It-girl and model had finally felt the brunt of the online negativity and was now coming out to point out, specifically, what hurt her.

While taking to X (formerly Twitter), Majimbo called out people dragging her skin into her 'rich girl' conversation, rebuking them for their crassness.

"Not some of y’all saying money can’t wash my dark skin (vomit emoji) I rebuke you. Yuck!" she posted.

After a fan commented, "At this point they are just bitter cause what the....?" Majimbo seemed to blame it all on skin color discrimination, saying, "colorism is alive and kicking..."

After yet another concerned fan, or hater in disguise, commented, "Don't let anyone tell you are lightskin" she replied, "No I’m not. I’m darkskin and love it!"

Elsa, who is amongst the youngest people ever to be featured on Forbes, has achieved a lot by the age of 21 in her relatively short content creation career that began with idle, Covid-era internet skits.

Majimbo has now been featured in countless campaigns and worked with numerous global brands and celebrities even appearing at their exclusive Hollywood parties and red carpet events.

Beyonce, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Steve Harvey and Kelly Rowland are some of the major international superstars Majimbo has had the chance to personally interact and work with.


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