Forget Obama, mine is the real success story- Senator Mike Sonko

Forget Obama, mine is the real success story- Senator Mike Sonko

Flashy Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Kioko has opened up about his past, saying he was an obstinate drunkard.

Sonko took to his social media pages Tuesday morning to share details of his early life hardships and struggles with alcohol addiction.

Comparing his early life to that of United States President Barack Obama, Sonko said the American leader’s life story is a mere drop in the ocean if measured up to his.

“Today let us forget the ‘Obama’ story. Let us hear the Sonko story… Folks the Obama story is not as ‘muddy’ as mine. He went to the best schools, I did not. He had wealthy parents, I don’t. He was politically connected, I was not. He had the best environment to succeed, I never had,” began Sonko.

Justifying his introduction, the senator referenced his old comrades saying: “Those who knew or saw me 8-15 few years ago will tell you that nothing is impossible and never count a man/woman out until he is past tense!”

Sonko says financial challenges made his friends and colleagues despise him; consequently driving him to start a relationship with the beer bottles.

“I had one pair of shoes, few low quality shirts and trousers, single room house with shared amenities, a trekker per excellence… and my love for the bottle was unmatched!” recounted the senator.

His mercurial begging antics prompted his friends to avoid him like plague: “My lines were blocked because of being a ‘bother’ by ‘friends’. But let me admit – To some extent, I was a bother. Ask any drunkard….beer addiction can make one a real bother!”

The miserable Mike would later come back to his senses, telling himself that he’d had enough.

“One day I woke up and said…enough! Enough of low life; I need to work hard and smart to achieve my goals…Enough of embarrassment; enough of being a conductor yaani makanga; enough of ridicule; enough of alcohol; enough of bad company; enough of negativity …and started to reinvent my life. Painfully, I must add,” shared Sonko.

He further disclosed: “… I prayed and asked God to show me the way. God never answers prayers in set time tables…no. It took time, but I was determined to walk the long, rough, bumpy, thorny paths band looking back, I can say, proudly and with all humility, that nothing is impossible!”

The flamboyant philanthropist concluded his lengthy post by offering nuggets of advice and encouragement to his followers.

He noted: “If Sonko was able to lift himself up, after years of low life, then anyone else can. Start your journey today. You can also tell us your story in even less than 7 years. Good luck and Put God first, I must add – not politicians, not brothers, not sisters, not godfathers, not anyone.”


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