I was ‘financially orphaned’ when Muammar Gaddafi was killed – Babu Owino

I was ‘financially orphaned’ when Muammar Gaddafi was killed – Babu Owino

Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman, Babu Owino, has for the first time intimated details of his connection with late Libya’s President, Muammar Gaddafi.

Speaking to Citizen Digital Wednesday, Babu revealed that it is Gaddafi who used to finance his life, political activities and that when he (Gaddafi) passed on, he (Babu) was left what he terms a ‘financial orphan’.

Owino was addressing questions about the source of his wealth, a topic which has often been a subject of debate by his followers and members of the public.

The debate yielded the moniker ‘career-student’ for the intrepid student leader.

Taking us back to his financial history, he disclosed: “Long ago, Libya’s late president, Muammar Gadaffi used to be my best friend, and he used to finance me.”

He however says when Gaddafi passed on, he was left a ‘financial orphan’, and had to look for newer sources of money.

“When I was left a financial orphan, I decided to look for other international friends.”

So just who are these benevolent ‘international friends’?

“I would not disclose them, because when I reveal their identity, they are killed – just like what they did to Gaddafi,” said Babu Owino.

Babu Owino adds he is well-networked, and that the international community he has connections with, come in handy in supporting his political bids.

“I have serious international connections; I can get money from anywhere to finance me and my political bid.”

So what political office does the outspoken student leader aspire for?

“I will run for president in 2027. In 2022 I want to go for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat and in the forthcoming election (2017) I’ll run for the Westlands parliamentary seat. I have the finances to foot the expenses,” he disclosed.

And does Owino work hard for his own money considering all through he has talked of financial sponsors?

“Definitely I do! Money is in the state of mind – part of my wealth is in heaven, and another in my mind,” he said. “My businesses too are sources of income.”

Babu refused to disclose much about his business ventures; but says he is very industrious and he often enjoys the sweat of his hard work.

“In life, you have to enjoy – you cannot just work day in day out like a donkey, and fail to enjoy your hard work. It encourages one to look for more money.”

He added: “Why would you pile up your bank account and die with hundreds of billions under your name which you did not see or feel its comfort and value? You worked for it – enjoy it!”

Concluding with his mantra, he told: “With me, I live under the philosophy: work and enjoy!”

Babu Owino’s money debate comes at a time when the controversial SONU leader is reported to be planning a Ksh14.4 million birthday party which will be held at a venue yet to be disclosed.


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