KOT blast content creator Miss Trudy after messy airport fiasco

KOT blast content creator Miss Trudy after messy airport fiasco

Kenyan content creator Miss Trudy has enraged people on Twitter after she shared a short video of what appears to be a messy altercation with security staff at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Trudy, known for her travel and lifestyle content, claimed that, while attempting to film content at the airport, security members swarmed her and her crew effectively halting the filming and arresting them altogether.

"We got arrested for filming at the Airport!  This is getting out of control! We have a right to create content without intimidation! Watch full video on my YouTube channel!" she tweeted.

According to Trudy, content creators 'have a right to create content without intimidation' and that getting manhandled - and arrested - while filming, was a situation 'getting out of control'.

While sharing the tweet, Trudy attached a short video of a tense interaction with security as she paced up and down. 

A female police officer can be seen trying to control the situation and calm the tempers. 

"Guys, we're being harrased at the airport, these guys actually want to arrest us because we are filming," an angered Trudy says. "No, this is getting out of control, this is too much. Infact, they went and brought the police to arrest me because I'm creating content."

"This is Kenya! I'm just creating content. I'm leaving Mombasa, I'm going back to Nairobi, someone stops me at the entrance, starts harassing me telling me to stop creating content! I'm just tired!" Trudy continues to rant in the now-viral clip.

Her ramblings have, however, not been met favorably by most (if not all) of her Twitter followers. Many have castigated her for her 'rudeness' and 'entitlement' while reminding her that most airports, globally, are film-free zones.

Celebrated Media personality Saddique Shaban was one of the people who blasted Trudy for her apparent impudence calling her actions 'ignorant'.

"This is what is wrong with ignorant and uneducated Gen Z "content creators". Armed with unrefined skills in ethics, law and common sense, they imagine owning recording devices allows them entitled, unfaltered and unlimited access into all spaces, situations and people's privacy, " he tweeted.

"This child needs help. She’s utterly clueless and untaught. This is annoyance, criminal trespassing and violation of privacy and personal space at the very least. Most of these uncultured yahoos doing “content creation” are doltish pests on cheap trips of despicable voyeurism. "

Another Twitter user @Mutuabrian said," Hatukatai hii ni Kenya but consent ni kitu mzuri sana. You should always write to the authorities to seek permission whenever you have a filming session. Kila place kuna formalities to follow bana."

Early March, the controversial travel vlogger found herself at the center of yet another controversy when she expressed her surprise at discovering that Uganda had a national park with various wildlife. 

Her video was met with a barrage of sharp criticism from irked Ugandans who felt that she had not done enough research before visiting their country.

She thereafter took to Instagram to defend herself while mock-crying claiming she had a right to 'speak her truth'.

“I don't understand why people are coming at me, and it's not cool at all. You know, being a visitor, you people should be showing me, love. It's not like I have hated anyone. I am just speaking the truth. Am I not allowed to speak my truth?” Miss Trudy responded.


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