5 things you should never keep in your bathroom

5 things you should never keep in your bathroom

A bathroom is a very special place in someone’s house. Here you get to do very many things in terms of making sure that your body is clean.

Gone are the days that a bathroom only had the basic, a bar of soap and a basin.

Today, a modern day bathroom consists of so many things, talk of clean towels, makeup sets for the females, bathroom detergents, medicine you name it. At some point, some people fill their bathrooms with so much stuff one can even assume it is a closet!

People always want to simplify things and there is no harm in that, that is why they tend to move the things that they use when they are using the bathroom close to the room.

But wait, have you ever taken the time to ask yourself if what you have in the bathroom is allowed? I bet many people haven’t done that.

Here are five items you should not store in your bathroom:

  1. Medicine

Medicine cabinet; apparently it is a space created in the bathroom. Well from that name everyone can make a guess what needs to be there, medicine!

Honestly speaking we all know that medicine should be placed in a cool and dry place and a bathroom is not one of those places.

A bathroom has moisture and that is not good for medicine they could end up losing their effectiveness.

  1. Makeup kits

Ladies, ladies, ladies here you are guilty as charged.

Let’s face it; the bathroom is full of moisture especially when one has just showered, then it cools when nobody is using it. You might not notice that your makeup is slowly going bad but this is exactly what happens when you store them in your bathroom.

From this, you might even start getting some weird skin rash or something. Point to note is that make-up should always be stored at room temperature.

  1. Linens

Here I am talking about things like towels and sheets.

There is this tendency of storing your clean towels in the bathroom but this is actually wrong. Yet again, moisture is the problem. The moisture creates the perfect habitat for molds.

The molds then find its way to the clean towels hence making them no longer clean for use.

  1. Shaving items

Let us concentrate more on the extra shavers that you store in the bathroom.

They are extras so I presume that you have not used them yet.

So for this fact, they are prone to get rusty from the moisture in the room. Make sure you store them somewhere which is not the bathroom maybe on your dressing table.

  1. Non- waterproof electronics

There are people who just love listening to music while in the shower; so what they do is to have a permanent radio that is always in the bathroom.

Well sadly, the humidity in there can cause damage to your radio. Therefore, electronics that are not waterproof should not be placed in the bathroom.



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