Mariah Carey’s wedding to Australian billionaire postponed indefinitely

Mariah Carey’s wedding to Australian billionaire postponed indefinitely

The much-anticipated wedding of celebrated singer Mariah Carey to Australian billionaire, James Packer, has been postponed indefinitely.

A source close to the couple revealed that the soon to be mother-in-law of the American singer does not seem to be happy about their upcoming wedding.

Both Mariah and the 77-year-old woman, Ros Packer, are said to have a personality clash.

Apparently, Ros Packer has put on a happy face since her son and Mariah got engaged in January but it seems that the mother had supposedly been less than thrilled about their upcoming wedding.

The problem started with the different lifestyles between the two women. James Packer’s mother is apparently a traditional one as Mariah is not.

According to the source, Ros is a woman raised in the country with very traditional values who has maintained a dignified silence for all the years she and Kerry, who is James’ father while in the spotlight.

Furthermore, there is also a problem with the guest list. The current list is said to comprise of mainly Mariah’s Hollywood friends while people like James’ sister, plus his niece and nephews may not have been included.

Worth about USD3.5 billion, 48-year-old Packer is Australia’s fourth richest man, according to the Forbes Rich List, who had proposed to the 46-year-old we belong together hit-maker and their wedding was allegedly set for March.

According to a report from Sydney Morning Herald, the couple’s impending wedding had previously been reported to have cost a whopping USD100 million (Ksh 10,148,250,000).





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