MCA Tricky: Engineering is my passion, not comedy

MCA Tricky: Engineering is my passion, not comedy

Comedian MCA Tricky hosting his radio show. PHOTO | COURTESY

Funnyman and radio host Francis Munyao, popularly known by his stage name MCA Tricky, has revealed that his passion is engineering and not comedy.

MCA Tricky, in an interview on Jalango TV, noted that engineering has always been a part of his life and he plans on pursuing it further, adding that he is currently pursuing a Masters in Mechatronics.

He said comedy is merely a hustle that puts food on the table for the moment while engineering is his future.

 “Engineering ni passion, comedy ni hustle…engineering kwangu is part of my life, as we speak saa hii nafanya Masters in Mechatronics pale JKUAT,” he said.

The comedian talked about the struggle he had with balancing the two fields when he first joined Churchill Show as a stand-up comedian, which led to a decline in his school performance.

“Niliingia comedy nikiwa second year and I was among the group ya first class students, wacha niingie pale Carnivore…grade ilishuka kutoka 73 points to 59 points,” he stated.

He noted that the fame associated with being a celebrity as is common with most Churchill Show comedians got to him and almost made him slip and fail in school.

“Kiburi, jina, brand…Daro mpaka watu wa school of arts wanakuja school of engineering kukaa class, ma-lecturer wananiita kushika microphone…siconcetrate…ilikuwa noma but nikang’ang’ana,” he said.

“For three years nilikuwa stage lakini akili iko mechanics…na nikapiga na kumaliza na second class upper, uliza engineer yeyote second upper inamaanisha nini atakwamba.”

He went on to talk about how his engineering field, Mechatronics, is the future of industrialization and that he would like to be a part of that future.

“Mechatronics is the future of industrialization, unacombine manufacturing ile ya kawaida inatumika Kenya una-advance na kutumia robots and cut costs,” he said.


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