#MCM: Why it took Eric Omondi 7 years to complete his Degree

Comedian Eric Omondi known by many for the ‘Hawayuni’ fame is one of the top rib-crackers in Kenya. He brings humour home so effortlessly, and is always very creative. The thin structured, cunning and untamed funnyman is undoubtedly one of the most prolific comedians Kenya has ever produced. Erico, as his fans fondly call him, can go to the furthest extent just to make sure he puts a smile on your face: even if it means flexing up his non-existent muscles or twerking like a female who is well-endowed, yet all of us know he isn’t. Eric was born in 1985 and is the second born in a family of four siblings. He has featured in popular comedy program, Churchill Show, and has also been actively involved in peace programs and wildlife conservation campaigns. The ‘Hawayuni’ humour star was ranked by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as the ninth funniest comedian in Africa. Education Eric Omondi attended Kondele Primary School before joining Kisumu Boys High School for his secondary education. It is in ‘Odhumo’ Boys where his comedy skills were realized and nurtured, thanks to his talkative nature and constantly featuring in the ‘noise makers’ list. Whether he was present or absent from school, his name did not miss on the list of class’ most noisy students. It was while in form three that he narrated an Indian movie he had watched that seemed to have captured his classmates, leading to more students swarming around him as he narrated and imitated Indian accents. Unfortunately, the principal sneaked into the class and disguised himself among the students at the back of the class, but no one noticed. What happened next was his parents being called to school and the cheeky Erico caned in turns by his parents, teachers and the principal. On completing secondary education, he moved to Nairobi where he joined Daystar University to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. He took seven years on the course (2003-2010), a period equal to that of a student pursuing Medicine course, due to lack of tuition fee as he was supposed to raise Sh107,000 for first semester but could only manage Sh24,000, which he had earned through fundraising. After finishing his semester one exams, he went back to Kisumu and stayed for two years after an unsuccessful return for his second semester. Gotten a scholarship When Erico joined Daystar, he blended in with the Christian Fellowship members and was nominated and elected as Vice-Chair of the society in absentia. The university resolved to recall him and he had to apply for a scholarship with the university, which he won, and managed to graduate after seven years of study. Net worth Nobody contests how wealthy Eric Omondi is; his hard work and smart work has seen him get to where he is today. He is the typical definition of a hustler: emceeing events, endorsement deals, product advertisement, owns a company, TV personality, local and international comedian… the list is endless. This guy deserves his success! Since joining the entertainment industry, Erico has acquired wealth estimated at over Sh30 million which is still growing by the day. Hobby He plays football, and is a diehard fan of British football club, Manchester United. Role Model The comedian’s biggest and inspirational role model is United States’ renowned Hollywood star, Will Smith, whose humorous stunts in movies Eric considers legendary. His dream is to follow in the footsteps in comedy and then later launching an acting career. Fiancee By now many know Eric Omondi’s better half is a half Kenyan-half Italian lady known as Shantel Grazioli. The comedy star in June opened up about how much he loves his fiancée, not only because she is beautiful but also due to her great personality. They met in Kenya during the Kenya at 50 show in Kasarani, Nairobi.  

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