'My dowry is now set at Ksh.2 million plus a car,' Simple Boy's ex, Pritty Vishy now says

'My dowry is now set at Ksh.2 million plus a car,' Simple Boy's ex,  Pritty Vishy now says

A screen grab of Youtuber Prity Vishy

If you are thinking of settling down with the upcoming Kenyan socialite and YouTuber, Prity Vishy, we'd advise you to get your money right first. 

The socialite has revealed that her net worth has gone up, and so has her dowry, which now sits pretty, north of Ksh.2 million.  

During an interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko, Vishy said she is not really keen on getting cows as dowry, and suggests that suitors who want to bring cows to buy her a car instead.

"My dowry is two million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ngomb'e, eeh, sitaki ngombe inaletwa ati nasukuma.... sijui, mimi ni two million and that's it, na kama mtu anataka kuleta ngombe, basi hiyo pesa ununue gari," Vishy said.

'Sitaki mama yangu apelekewe ngombe, juu inamaanisha, watakuwa wanachua ngombe, wakipeleka ngombe ingine," 

According to Vishy, the Ksh.2 million cap is not even that high, considering there is so much that she brings to the table. 

She claims to be a decent cook, and is gifted with her hands as far as massages are concerned. 

"As long as you know your worth, you set your standards, imagine sio pesa mingi... qualities zangu ni mzito mzito, hata mimi mwenyewe ni mzito," 

"Najua kupika, najua kukanda.... vitu mingi nikianza kutaja hapa sitamaliza ," 

Prospective suitors will need to be, first of all, well moneyed, respectful and God fearing. Vishy says the rest of the nitty gritties can be agreed upon. 

Vishy rose to fame after her romantic overtures with Kibera-grown rapper Stevo Simple  Boy went public. 

Their break-up which would follow soon after, further pushed her into the Kenyan social scene, leading to the launch of her Youtube career. 

She has also, rather unfortunately, been the butt-end of odd social media jokes, which she now claims no longer bother her. 

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