Nameless responds to Octopizzo’s latest comments about Wahu

Nameless responds to Octopizzo’s latest comments about Wahu

When Octopizzo won the Bingwa Awards Comeback Artiste of the Year, he could not have possibly thought that this accolade would have sparked a beef between him and one of Kenya’s top celebrity couples: Nameless and Wahu.

However, when he turned down the award and suggested that it should be handed to Wahu, he sparked off a public disagreement with her husband, Nameless.  Telling him off as being a proud and ‘big-headed’ man, Nameless came to the defense of his wife in a heated Instagram post.

It now appears the much publicised beef was the result of a misinterpretation; especially after Octopizzo took to his official social media pages to clarify that he meant Wahu no disrespect.

Accepting the olive branch, Nameless has made a post of his own-effectively putting out the fire that had raged on for the past few days.

According to the Butterfly singer, their love for music and family sparked the public spat: “It’s clear (that) our passion for family and our music led to this misunderstanding with Octo. We had a conversation…and cleared things up. Thanks for understanding my reaction bro.”

When trying to clarify why he went on a rant about the Bingwa Awards on Tuesday, the Ivo Ivo Ivo hit-maker explained that his issue was with the category he was nominated in-not Wahu. Octopizzo insisted his stand that changes need to me made in Kenya’s awards circuit.

Responding to this, Nameless said: “But I hear you as well and understand your frustration. But we (are) going to make this industry better one step at a time.”

To the Bingwa Awards team, Nameless said: “Bingwa, we appreciate your efforts in recognising artists and their work. And to our fans we appreciate your loyalty and votes. Octopizzo, still a fan, still a friend.”

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