New fears: Lamar Odom’s kidneys are failing

American NBA star, Lamar Odom, has a long way to go to completely heal after he suffered from kidney failure, reports

Odom, 35, recently defied the odds by waking up from his coma and reportedly beginning to breathe on his own.

He woke up after being near death for several days.

His heart and brain are, however, stabilizing by the day according to a new report.

The same cannot be said for his kidneys, which are reportedly still failing him and are a major obstacle in his recovery.

Lamar Odom is currently on dialysis due to kidney failure, says E! News.

His kidneys were of major concern when he was in a coma and remain so now that he’s awake; adds the webloid.

He seems to be “neurologically intact” and has “100 perfect breathing” without the help of a ventilator, according to the outlet.

Odom was taken off life support as of October 16.

His next hurdle is to be weaned off the oxygen mask he is currently using.

HollywoodLife reports: “his heart rate and blood pressure are fine, but if his body starts to weaken, he may have to be placed back on the ventilator.”

Doctors reportedly do not know the extent of any possible brain damage he may have suffered until he is completely awake.

Lamar suffered a series of strokes at the hospital after he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on October 14.

He allegedly overdosed on cocaine and other drugs during his stay.

Lamar woke up on October 16 and said to his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, who hasn’t left his side, “Hey, baby.” He reportedly responded after she said, “I love you.”

Despite this miracle, his family is taking his recovery one step at a time.

“So far, Lamar seems to be functioning normally without any signs of major mental or physical damage. It’s still early, but everyone is cautiously optimistic,” an insider told the outlet.


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