Nicki Minaj throws security guard’s phone during Dubai concert

Rapper Nicki Minaj made news on Saturday, March 26, because of the actions she took against a security guard’s phone.

In an Instagram video shared by The Shade Room, Nicki can be seen demanding the phone, taking it and tossing the phone away.

The video provided a close-up view of Nicki confiscating the phone from the security guard in Dubai – during the middle of her concert – and tossing it.

While The Shade Room tagged the Instagram user @Tahasafadi in their post about Minaj, it is unclear if he is the security guard who had his phone thrown by the rapper.

As reported by the Daily Mail, when Nicki threw the guy’s phone across the stage, the Monster star shocked those in attendance at her Dubai concert.

Nicki might have been worried about the security guard being more focused on his phone than her safety, but the way that she went about correcting the security guard’s error has been stormily debated in the comments’ sections of plenty publications reporting about the incident.

It isn’t known if the security guard was really slacking, and perhaps scrolling through social media, or whether he was communicating with others as a part of his concert-guarding job.

Either way, Nicki was apparently angered by the security guard being focused on his phone, so in Dubai on Friday night the 33-year-old made her feelings known.

Ironically, it was during the song Feeling Myself when Minaj paused The Pinkprint Tour concert in order to take care of business in the way she saw fit.

Minaj gave the security guard her “mean-mugging mad face” as she went over to him and held out her palm for the security guard to place the phone within. After the security guard obliged, Minaj then tossed the phone and kept on going with her show.


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