NTV’s Janet Kanini Ikua completes chemotherapy

NTV presenter Janet Kanini Ikua has successfully completed chemotherapy after undergoing her last session on Tuesday, January 12th at the Faraja Cancer Centre in Nairobi. The N-Soko show host was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in September, 2015 and traveled to India for treatment. She has since been put on chemotherapy – drugs that kill cancer cells. The battle against cancer by the upbeat TV personality was finally won on Tuesday. Taking to her social media, the triumphant Kanini shared her joy with her Facebook followers. Below is her narration in part: “… Yesterday (Tuesday) was my sixth and last chemotherapy session at Faraja Cancer Centre. I danced at the reception after they took out the needle from my chemo port because I was so happy!” “Next week I return to India for review where I look forward to the doctors confirming what I already know – that I am healed!” “I make the choice to place my faith in God and His overcoming power that He has made available to me. In Christ, I proclaim by faith that I am an overcomer, a mountain mover, an earth shaker and a history maker.” “As a born-again child of God, I overcome all obstacles that come my way. This is my birthright – this is my inheritance in Christ.)” Celebrating her birthday on Thursday, January 14th, Kanini says she will provoke the sweet tooth in her – at least; once again. “… Doc says I’m allowed some cake as long as I eat a balanced diet (yaaaay just a little!). As per Monday’s blood test results I’m slightly anaemic, my haemoglobin levels are kidogo low, so my focus is on building iron with red meat, liver and green leafy vegetables for the next one week.” “So if you want to give me a birthday present, leta mbuzi!” Concluded Mrs Ikua.

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