Octopizzo features former president Moi in new music video

Kibera-born rapper Octopizzo, who is popularly known as ‘Number 8’, has done it again! The Ivo Ivo Ivo hit-maker on Tuesday (8th March 2016) released another banging music video: Prezidential. The video, which was directed by Ballzy, samples a video clip and audio snippets from former President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi’s speeches about corruption. In the speeches, Moi condemns graft, telling Kenyans to protect their county against looters. It seem like this song will be a hit because in just two days, it has garnered nearly 9,000 views on YouTube. Fans have commented positively on the song with Dave Scamper saying, “Lyrical menace…Kenya’s Eminem. Octopizzo is making history; he always flows with the beats. This is the real deal, slippery to shallow minds kama fish.” The hashtag #Prezidential featured on Twitter’s top trends on Thursday morning with many people praising the rappers work. Apart from his music career, the renowned Kenyan rapper is also the founder of the C.B.O and youth group Y.G.B (Young Gifted and Blacks), which consist of talented rappers, poets, graffiti artists, graphic artists and dancers. Check out the video below and let us know if it is a hit or a miss:      

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