Rapper Octopizzo to vie for an elective post, see which one

Kenyan rapper Henry Ochieng Ohanga, better known to many as Octopizzo, has expressed interest in running for Kenya’s top political seat in 2022.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital on Friday, March 11 Octopizzo says music isn’t the ceiling of his dream and that he aspires to be Kenya’s president.

Should he clinch the coveted seat, the pro-youth advocate says his first order of business will be inspirational – taking Kibera youth for a week-long “vacation” cum “meditation” tour of Karen and Runda areas of Nairobi.

“I just want to provoke the ghetto youth to dream. One cannot know how the other end of town is if he or she has only lived in one place for ages. If Kibera youth get a taste of life in Karen for a week, they will be motivated to work harder to achieve a comfortable living,” the Kibera-born rapper said.

“The youth, time and again, beg for money from politicians. I cannot – I have said that in many interviews – give someone money for the sake of it. You are not blind to use the condition as an alibi to be lazy; even the blind people in town (Nairobi’s CBD), sell sweets and biscuits. I have on several occasions bought cigarettes from the shops run by the physically handicapped – not because I am a consumer, but because I value hardworking persons who are living with disability.”

In addition to inspiring Kibera youth, the Prezidential hit-maker said that, should he get the top seat, he will focus on youth initiatives.

“As a president, I will work closely with Kenya’s community-based youth organisations to fund the projects that they establish. Kenyan youth are innovative; it’s only that they lack platforms where they can practice their skills. I promise to invest in their creations, ideas and innovations.”

Octopizzo says he has a viable plan for Kenya’s elderly community who are struggling to make ends meet with their paltry pension pennies.

“For the elderly members of the society, I will propose a scheme that advocates for them to be taken care of by my government,” he stated.

Moving to the countryside will not be the order of the day under Octo’s administration: “The urbanite wazees who cannot go to ushago will have a secluded place where I will pump money to ensure their welfare is taken of, until their demise. I will adopt a system similar to that of the developed states where the elderly are provided for by the government – food, shelter, clothing and upkeep money.”

Why would he invest in keeping the elderly in the city?

“Our culture is dying; the youth are not any close with the elderly members of the society and the old are alienated. I’ll make sure they, too, feel that they form an essential part of the Kenyan society.”

The rapper concluded the interview with a statement expressing optimism, saying he is only six years away from being the country’s top chief.


Octopizzo Octopizzo to vie for president

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