Ringtone comes clean about Mombasa woman, why hes quitting music

Kenyan gospel singer Ringtone says he will release one more song in February, 2016 before quitting the music industry for good.

The musician, who sent social media users into speculation as to why he’s decided to throw in the towel in matters music, cites “not being sure if his music is having an impact on people” as the main reason for his surprise announcement.

“Sometimes one routinely does something until it gets to a point he questions if he is doing the right thing. I questioned myself whether my music is touching people. I wasn’t sure if I am in the right field, and that’s why I am quitting music,” he told Citizen Digital.

The Talanta star says he had already decided to stop singing, but his fans ‘begged’ him to stay in the industry. To appease them, he decided he will record only one more song.

“I had settled on quitting music, but my fans texted, called and even urged me not to quit. I decided I will do one last song for them. I want to make sure the content of the music is something they identify with. The new jam will be out in the first week of February,” stated Ringtone.

Sections of fans have questioned his move; with some speculating that the Muziki ni Dawa hit-maker is contemplating crossing over to the secular camp.

“I will not shift to secular music or even consider venturing into politics; some fans are speculating so though. I think it’s because they link me to the Jubilee administration. They should instead be inspired by my music.”

In the recent past the singer has come under sharp criticism for being involved in one controversy after another, with the latest (October, 2015) being allegations that he impregnated and dumped a 22-year-old girl.

“Who are you to judge me? Let Jesus himself judge me. Human beings in most instances look at the outside, but God looks at the inside,” he said.

What next for Ringtone after music?

“I will concentrate on my businesses – real estate and hotel. I am also a motivational speaker; I will embark on that,” he declared.

About dating Eve Odhiambo

Late last year, claims surfaced online that Mombasa-based event organizer, Eve Odhiambo, got saved so that she can have a relationship with Ringtone.

When asked about these rumours, Ringtone said : “I am single. I can’t say in 2016 I will get married. I attended a high school in Mombasa where Eve Odhiambo was my classmate. Eve and I have no relationship beyond being schoolmates.”

He added: “You know once you shared a classroom with someone, they become part of your life; until when you are 70 or 100 years old (sic). She is like my family. That is my sister; I cannot date her.”

“If she said I’m dating her, let her know I treat and perceive her as a sister,” concluded Ringtone.


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