Scientists discover simple way of making black people white

Scientists discover simple way of making black people white

Internet users are making fun of scientists and researchers after they announced that they had developed a chemical process to ‘whiten’ a person by removing the black skin layer.

The story, which has two versions, one from the United States and another from Russia has the integration of black skin people with the white skin people as the common denominator.

According to Jamaica World Star the authorities in the United States revealed this discovery to help thousands of immigrants feel more integrated with those in the United States once their color matches one of the premises.

Researchers and scientists from the college of Natural Sciences in Austin Texas claim that they have treated more than 90 black skin people to white skin people.

“The procedure is very simple,” says Dr. Robert Woodcutter

“With a mixture that includes oxytane and benzodiazepine. It would suffice to stay for 6 hours in a bath consisting of 50grams per liter of water. Then the skin peels off naturally. This is in fact the upper skin layer responsible for the color that can be removed,” he added.


Another doctor, Harold Lancer says the research will change the next future generation and celebrities.

Dr. Lancer is one of the US top ‘Dermatologists to the stars, with a VIP waiting room for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

The other side of the story according to conspiracy club is from Russia claiming that the origin of the process is from a laboratory in Russia and they have announced that 254 people have been treated by this method.

The Russian government may soon allow the reimbursement of this treatment.


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