Single? Here are 3 ways to beat the blues on Valentine’s Day

Single? Here are 3 ways to beat the blues on Valentine’s Day

While many couples look forward to celebrating their love on Sunday, many single people are wondering how to spend the lovers’ day without feeling left out.

Single people often receive pressure from people around them, more so when it is the month of love.

So what should one do if they are alone over Valentine’s Day?

During an interview with Citizen Digital, relationship columnist Chris Hart says that first and foremost one must go out on valentine day alone.

“It is really weird to go out to a restaurant just alone on a day that hotels are packed with couples, one will feel very odd,” Hart says.

Instead of staying holed in all day, here are some things that single people could do according to the relationship expert:

  1. Visiting your family

Love is not only restricted to romance, so you could chose to celebrate you family on Valentine’s Day.

You could take your family out for a meal, or you could decide to have a picnic with them at a scenic spot. Alternatively, you could consider swimming, hiking or any other group activity.

By spending quality time with them, you get a chance to feel the love from your family as well the assurance that you are not entirely alone.

  1. Get a good movie and stay at home

If you don’t have someone special to go out with on Sunday, you could decide to stay in watching a good movie or series.

Depending on your taste in movies, get something that will excite you, something that will make you laugh.

The most important thing is to keep your mind occupied with something enjoyable.

  1. Get a bunch of your friends and go out together

If you are away from family or if staying in doesn’t appeal to you, you could oraganise a get-together with some friends.

It could be anything from a meal, a concert or even a casual hang out.

“All in all, organize something that you can do whereby you will feel it’s okay to be single,” he adds.

The most important thing to remember is that everbody has a different story, and there is no need to feel lonely on Valentine’s Day because you are singe.


Valentine day Chris Hart Single? Here are 3 things that you can do to enjoy your valentine

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