Son reveals the truth behind veteran singer Princess Jullys downfall

Son reveals the truth behind veteran singer Princess Jullys downfall

After media houses reported that renowned Dholuo singer Princess Jully is living in abject poverty, her son­­­­­-Makajully-has revealed what caused her much publicized downfall.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, the second year college student divulged that a lavish lifestyle, poor financial management and selfless giving made his mother go broke.

“Mum was more giving out to people than taking in. When I was growing up, I was bitter and mad at her because I had the insight of knowing that was wastage. No one can change the world, but mum tried so hard to change the world that I lacked basic necessities,” said Makajully.

According to her son, Princess Jully was so devoted to helping others that she often forgot about her family.

“By the time I was getting admitted in college, mum’s money had massively diminished; she even footed somebody else’s college fees, and considered me a second option. I used to get angry, but now that I am a grown up, I understand there are some people who needed her help more,” he told.

Sadly, her kindness was not reciprocated. Her son, who is also a musician, says that her benefactors never gave back to her.

“After all those she helped completed schooling, none of them has paid homage to her. Things took a turn that no one expected. None of us thought she would deteriorate from the Princess Jully we knew.”

When Princess Jully got saved, things went from bad worse.

Makajully said: “We would get calls for gigs but she would decline. She always said she is now serving God. Mum would never perform in clubs saying it is ironic to tell them (revelers) Dunia Mbaya while they are holding women who are probably not their wives. She doesn’t want to be that hypocritical.”

Spending money on young men

Addressing rumors about his mother wasting money on young men, Makajully said that the information is completely false.

He said that his mother is a widow, and some deceitful men approached her with promises of marriage.

“My dad passed on in 1997, leaving mum a widow. Going by the then Luo custom – for her son to get married, she had to remarry. There were a few men who pursued her, most of whom she introduced to me. You know no woman openly makes known her boyfriend to her son, unless the man is a positive potential,” he said.

Sadly, these opportunistic men proceeded to walk out on her after she had invested heavily in them.

“Mum was financially stable at the time and she invested her money on them. She actually built a home worth over a million shillings with one man at Rodi, Homa Bay County.”

Princess had invested the money knowing that the house would be her family’s home, but the man became unfaithful when the construction was complete.

Makajully revealed: “He later started pursuing my cousins and every single female who came to our home, prompting mum to call it quits. She went from heartbreak to heartbreak with other suitors. They would promise to settle down with her, but I guess it was what it was – empty promises by men chasing after a woman.”

Makajully categorically defended his mother’s reputation saying: “I would want to clarify this: mum did not waste her money on young men as some people claim. Mum was pursuing her life, and I would ask anyone who thinks he is holy to cast the first stone.”

Poor money management

The upcoming artiste also revealed Princess Jully failed to save or invest the returns she got from her music.

“Mum received a lot of money from her gigs, but she did not save or invest. We had a music shop which was closed down after music format sales shifted from hardcopy to soft copy,” he revealed.

Though she did not make solid financial investments, Makajully says he chooses to count her charity as an investment: “I would say mum invested in people’s kids by paying school fees and looking into their welfare.”

After his mother’s plight made national headlines, many people expressed a desire to help her out.

Makajully disclosed that conmen have often used her story to create paybill kitty intended to help her, only to disappear with the funds raised.

He however says he has put up an initiative to help Princess Jully with the little money he makes out of his hustle.

“My wife and I formed a SACCO where we save money towards the kitty of helping mum. We are currently four members where we make monthly contributions of Sh2000 per person in the chama kind of arrangement. So after five months, she collects the contribution.”


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