The truth behind leaked Nazizi wedding photos

The truth behind leaked Nazizi wedding photos

In mid-December 2015, gossip blogs were awash with allegations that celebrated Kenyan rapper Nazizi Hirji had gotten hitched in a secret wedding.

Pictures of Nazizi in a body fitting gown surfaced online to back the allegations.

In an exclusive interview with Citizen Television’s power duo Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena on Friday, Nazizi tackled the issue, consequently explaining the source of the controversial images.

Nazizi, who will on February 14 launch her song and video Where is My Wedding Ring? at Skylux Lounge, revealed that she wore the gown as part of the video shoot.

Where is My Wedding Ring? is an idea I was given by Beat ya Keggah and VJ One. They asked me to do a love song, but I hesitated at first because I find matters love boring. They insisted, and we recorded the song. You’ll see me featuring in the video dressed in a wedding gown and a ring… Until then, I won’t say how the video ends. But it’s not a very happy song,” she said on Friday.

The jam will be Nazizi’s first song and video after a long hiatus from the music industry.

So, what was the motivation behind the love song?

“Every girl has a story that did not end so happily. I know a lot of friends who were abandoned at the altar. I got the inspiration from my life’s experience and that of my friends. I’d ask on my Valentines’ Day: ‘Where is my wedding ring?’”

Nazizi says she’s welcomed all her fans to the launch. “You can come and be my Valentine on February 14,” she said.

Where she has been

The Jump and Shout hit-maker revealed that her hands have been full in recent years, and this kept her away from the public limelight.

“I have been concentrating on my comeback strategy, fitness journey and bringing up my child. My full time work has been parenting. Most of my fans urged me to release new songs; and I have heard their request. In 2016, I will produce new jams,” she said.

Nazizi however has a gripe with Kenyan music fans.

“Kenyans are dragging behind when it comes to supporting and celebrating their artistes. Back in 1998, 1999… we’d perform at a concert and the venue would be packed to capacity. In current times, an artiste does a lot of marketing, promotion and still not very many fans turn up. You’d later hear them saying: ‘Kenyan music is down.’”

On her wardrobe change

“As times go by, we evolve. I cannot continue being the same old Nazizi. I wouldn’t have loved to change my tomboy look, but I just have to because I am re-branding. Nazizi believes in herself, and so she can wear anything and still look elegant.”

“I have a new management that is helping me change my thinking and how I perceive the industry. I also get a lot of confidence from exercising. Initially I’d wear baggy jeans; which could easily pass for lack of confidence.”

About losing weight

“My mum is ailing; she went through a surgery the other day. She has diabetes and high blood pressure – diseases that are genetically inherited. However, one can easily prevent them if he or she eats a balanced diet and exercises.”

“I am a mother and wouldn’t want my son to go through a hard time when I clock 40 because of the mentioned diseases. My son motivated me to hit the gym; I want to live longer and see him grow. Motivation starts at home; that’s what most people lack.”




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