Thieves who stole alcohol from a liqour shop caught, forced to drink it all on camera

Thieves who stole alcohol from a liqour shop caught, forced to drink it all on camera

A video capturing the moment thieves were coerced into drinking bottles of alcohol they had stolen from a shop in South Africa has gone viral on social media.

According to several South African blogs and online media personalities, the incident happened after the thieves, numbering about three, were caught red-handed by the liqour store's owners a few days after making away with the alcoholic beverages. 

Rather than being violent, or calling the police on them, the captors took a new approach by forcing the culprits to consume the stolen liqour - to the last drop. 

In some of the videos doing rounds online, the hapless delinquents can be seen seated on a couch as their captors force them to drown bottle after bottle. 

One of them even appears to have braved a severe beating going by the bumpy swells on his face. The captors, too, can be seen brandishing crude weapons. 

Appearing drunk and already beat, one of the thieves appears to be overwhelmed by the excessive alcohol intake but the captors can be seen shoving yet another beer into his hands, asking him to drink it too. 

While some social media users have defended this form of punishment, considering it a milder alternative to jungle justice, others have expressed concerns about the potential health risks.

Comments have been raised about the impact on the thieves’ kidneys and the possibility of severe health conditions, including death, due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Kenyan X (formerly Twitter) influencer @LeRoy said, "If they survive the alcohol, chances they will suffer a long term complications pahali...ju ni intake ya mwaka at one sitting! Damn!"

Another user said, "Community service is all fun and games until these dudes actually die due to alcohol poisoning. Now, the store owners will be arrested for manslaughter. Easier to just call the police on them! This is just sad!"

On his part, user @bysosa stated, "Drinking a bottle of whiskey clean, no ice, straight from the bottle, with dash beatings from men with sjamboks. They either going home forever or their are lives about to change forever."

In 2020, during the height of Covid-19, a daring set of theives dug a tunnel under a popular South African liqour store, managing to blast through the concrete floor, to steal alcohol.

In a story which made international news, the thieves made off with whiskey, brandy, gin, cider, vodka and beer with an estimated value of R300 000 (approx. Ksh. 2.4 million shillings).


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