This is the reason Bro Ocholla is trending

This is the reason Bro Ocholla is trending

Ochieng Ocholla unwillingly landed himself on the Twitter trends pane on Tuesday morning after he sent ‘tweeps’ (Twitter people) into fits of laughter with his leaked WhatsApp message.

A screenshot from a WhatsApp group named ‘Embakasi Prayercell’, which Ocholla was a member of, made rounds on social media.

In it, Ochieng intimates raunchy details of what he would like to do to a romantic interest: “You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having… (unprintable content).”

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.05.47 PM

Ochola’s name shot to the top of the trend with tweeps praising him and bashing in equal measure for his unfortunate gaffe.

@ArcherMishale said,”Bro Ocholla, its me, Betty. Imagine I’ve never heard your voice. Ati you said you can do whaaaat?*swoon*”

— Yuri B. (@ArcherMishale) October 27, 2015

@VINKIBET said, “RT if you can spot Bro Ocholla”

— Kale Gene (@VINKIBET) October 27, 2015


@Jemalito said, “The devil is trying to bring Bro Ocholla down…”

@SirAlexas said, “But those who have met bro Ocholla in real life know he is a prayerful guy.”

— aleckie ronald (@SirAlexas) October 27, 2015

@Shiko Nguru advised Brother Ocholla, saying, “Bro Ocholla should have followed up that message by quickly saying: “Brothers and Sisters in Christ, beware of the many forms of the devil!”

— Shiko (@ShikoNguru) October 27, 2015

Social media bigwig, Cyprian Nyakundi, said that the controversial message was a not a mistake. Instead, he alleged that Ocholla had devised an ingenious plan of getting himself out of the prayer group.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.48.46 PM

Citizen Digital attempted to get in touch with Ocholla for a comment, but he did not answer the call.

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