Uproar on social media after KWS kill Mohawk the lion

Uproar on social media after KWS kill Mohawk the lion

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Wednesday killed one of  Nairobi National Park’s most famous lions after it strayed into Isinya town, attacking a boda boda rider.

Irritated by the killing of the endangered feline, Kenyans took to social media to protest the killing using the hash tag #JusticeForMohawk.

A majority of the social media users asked why KWS did not sedate and transport Mohawk, as other wildlife services do globally.

Others opined that the frequent incidents of lions straying into the city could be caused by encroachment into the Nairobi National Park.

Below are some of the tweets from the Twitter chat:

— Samantha Spooner (@Samooner) March 30, 2016

— Brian Gitonga (@SleekGeekBrian) March 31, 2016

— Moraa Gitaa (@MoraaGitaa) March 30, 2016

— Sankul R. Mandavia (@smandavia) March 30, 2016

— Chris Okinda (@ChrisOkinda) March 30, 2016

— Dyllan (@DyllanBarasa) March 31, 2016

— Judey™ (@JudyNguta) March 31, 2016

— Charles Njanga (@CNjanga) March 31, 2016

— Abdulai Salat (@Abdulai_salat) March 30, 2016

— James Kinyua Murithi (@Murithi_Kinyua) March 30, 2016

— Raabia Hawa (@raabiahawa) March 30, 2016


isinya Kajiado Killing of Iconic Lion ‘Mohawk’ causes widespread uproar in Kenya. kws nairobi national park

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