What Nameless told Octopizzo after he ‘dissed’ his wife Wahu

What Nameless told Octopizzo after he ‘dissed’ his wife Wahu

Octopizzo’s Bingwa Awards rant has not gone down too well with fellow music superstar Nameless, especially because his wife (Wahu) was named in the now viral post.

The Number Nane rapper was awarded as Comeback Artiste of the Year in the recently concluded awards, a title that he was quick to turn down because he “hadn’t gone anywhere”.

Turning down the award in a social media post, the Ivo Ivo Ivo singer suggested that the title should be passed on to Wahu or any other artiste in the category.

Responding to Octopizzo’s rant, Nameless said: “Haiya…@wahukagwi ebu check this guy out. He says he is too big to receive this award!He even recommended that it be given to you.”

The father of two went on to defend his wife of 10 years saying that it was wrong for Octopizzo to rubbish an award and then suggest that it should be given to his wife.

“Lakini seriously, you belittle the award then you recommend it to be given to Wahu?? Tuheshimiane!” snapped the Butterfly singer.

Nameless went further to accuse the Kibra-born artist of pride, advising him to embrace humility saying: “… humble yourself before life humbles you.”

The angry husband went further to advise Octopizzo to appreciate the accolades that he is getting now because a time will come when he will be forgotten.

“Bro, let me give you advice….Appreciate and receive these awards that you win now, because there can come a time in your career that you don’t even get noticed or nominated. But I am sure you too big to receive advice, ama?” wrote Nameless.

One fan, Andrew Mirara, agreed with Octopizzo, but he faulted the rapper for naming Wahu.

“I respect your stand but why drag Wahu’s name into it? You should have just declined n move on. It’s their business to nominate someone elsewhere,” said Mirara.

Here is a screen grab of the Instagram  post.


Octo’s fans displeased

Fans have also reprimanded Octopizzo after he turned down the title, with one fan accusing him of immodesty.

“You’ve got some good music but there’s a side of you that misses…modesty. #Respect is not bought, its earned bro. Keep humble. If it were me, I’d have taken the award rather than letting down the fans who spent their time voting for me,” opined Dennoh Nyamu.

Responding to this criticism, the feted musician said that he did not ask for votes, therefore he was not being ungrateful.

“Did you see any post of me asking you to vote, I’ll only ask  you (to vote) when it’s genuine. I’ve never let my fans down and never will. I don’t just accept everything for PR; you can fake it out there but at least be real with yourself,” rebutted Octopizzo.

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