10 essential tips to consider when you travel

10 essential tips to consider when you travel

Are you travelling any time soon? Here are 10 essential tips to consider before and during your trip.

1. Don’t plan too much

You feel the need to plan the whole trip; you have googled the place you’re travelling to enough times to know exactly how the trip will go.

No, slow down, sometimes the best things happen when you don’t plan for them. Take the time to explore and go out of your comfort zone. In fact, get lost on purpose.

2. Pack light

Yes, am sure this sounds cliché

if you contemplate about an item then you probably don’t need it.


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3. Check out bloggers

 You will be surprised how extremely resourceful bloggers can be.

You can use Google blog search to find bloggers in whatever country/city you are visiting.

You can take an extra step by contacting them for more details. Don’t forget to be a little more detailed and charming when doing so.

While you’re at it, you can look at travel reviews; you can evaluate the tourist attractions and the most visited places with good ratings so you can prioritize.



4. Stash Extra cash

If you have travelled, you know that you have lost your money at least once, or you left your wallet at the place you’re staying then you know what I mean when I say a secret hiding place for your money is important.

Places you can hide include your shoes, socks and secret hiding parts in your bag or phone case.


5. Back up everything

If you are carrying your laptop along on a trip, it is vital for you to back up your information either on an online platform such as drives or on in external hard disk.

You don’t want to lose all this in case of anything that may arise like losing your laptop.

You also need to back up your important documents such as your passport photos, visa, passport, phone numbers and health insurance card in case of any emergency.


6. Learn the culture

Learn at least a little bit about the place you will be travelling to. Some words you use in your country may not be acceptable in others.

Some clothes you may like to wear may actually be banned from the country.

Different cultures also apply locally and it may benefit you when you are trying to blend in or when stranded.



7. Update your status

You can ask on your status update places that other people have visited around the area you will be either before or during the time you’re travelling.

You will be surprised that apart from the suggestions people may offer some interesting and useful tips along with the suggestions.


8. Never miss out on the essentials

A copy of your passport — you’ll probably never need it, but if you lose your passport, having a copy greatly expedites the process of getting a new one. A scanned copy that you e-mail yourself can work.

Toilet roll- you never know when or where you might need it

A notebook and a pen- to sketch salient information that you can easily forget

Wet wipes- they help to clean up, and cool you down

Travel size deodorant- to keep you fresh and Comfortable clothes

9. Just snap it

Take pictures of the most crucial items you carry along with you when you travel. This will go a long way in helping you describe the items when you lose them.


10. Take care of your body

Stay hydrated, apply sunscreen, try and eat healthy despite being on vacation and exercise for a few minutes at least. This will keep your body in check during the trip and will help when transitioning back to your regular life.







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