‘They should be arrested!’ Ezekiel Mutua condemns Ethic’s new song ‘Tarimbo’

Kenya Films and Classification Board Chairman Ezekiel Mutua has hit out at the Ethic Entertainment group over their new song ‘Tarimbo’, adding that he has written to Google to pull it down from the internet.

Mutua termed the song as ‘crap’ saying that it advocates for violence and rape of women, adding that the musicians should be arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

“I have spoken to Google to take down the damn crap called Tarimbo by Ethic Entertainment which advocates for rape of women. Promoting violence against women is criminal and the DCI should arrest the entire bunch of musicians called Ethic, under Article 33, for going beyond the prescribed delimitations on freedom of expression by advocating for violence against women” he said on his Facebook account.

Mutua further told off critics who were accusing the KFCB board of killing creativity in the country.

“We banned Wamlambez, people said we were killing creativity. I asked these morons if they could shout Wamlambez before their parents and they said they could. I was baffled. These so called musicians and performers have defied everything decent societies holds dear. They have thrown morality to the four winds in the name of money and popularity.” Mutua said.

According to Mutua, the Wamlambez and Tarimbo singers are not artists but “demented circus thugs hiding behind art to promote indecency,” adding that neither any self respecting DJ should not play such.

“Unless decent people rise against the wave of immorality in Kenya, we are going to lose a generation in the name of creative freedom. No freedom is absolute. This time round we must draw the line!” he said.

Also under criticism is the ‘Vitamin U’ song by Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree, which Mutua termed as explicit noting that Google had confirmed the songs have been restricted on YouTube.

“Google has confirmed to us that the two videos Tarimbo by Ethic and Vitamin U by Timmy Tdat are not available on YouTube to users with restricted mode turned on. Google has facilitated restriction for kids as long as the restriction mechanism is activated. The Board shall be vigilant to ensure this kind unpalatable content is not accessed by children.” Mutua said.

“Content doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. We can be creative without violating content classification guidelines as prescribed by KFCB and the Programming Code. The Board will support artistes willing to create meaningful content and will deal firmly with those who break the law.”

However, a spot check by Citizen Digital confirmed that the ‘Tarimbo’ song was still available on You Tube to users who have not activated the restricted mode but the ‘Vitamin U’ by Tdat had been pulled down.


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