CS Kobia applauds Kenyatta University for setting up women’s hub

CS Kobia applauds Kenyatta University for setting up women’s hub

CS Margaret Kobia on Friday presided over the launch of a women’s hub at Kenyatta University that is expected to boost junior researchers, postgraduate students and partners.

She commended the team for their vision and leadership saying the Government is ready to support the initiative that was set up in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“We thank them for their generous support to the tune of Ksh. 400million over the next five years which adds to the already wide portfolio the Foundation has invested in Kenya in various sectors including health, education innovation among others,” Prof. Kobia said on Friday.

The CS reiterated that the government will work with the university and all partners to apply the evidence generated to influence the policy terrain in Kenya on all the 11-Primary Outcomes envisaged.

Further, in line with the Gender and Development Policy, Prof. Kobia committed to work with them on the following:

i. Collection and analysis of data and information required for the design, monitoring and evaluation of policies and projects for women and support to liaise with NGO projects and women organisations;
ii. Providing gender-disaggregated data on relevant indicators that are disaggregated by sex, age and disability where we hold such data;
iii. Collaborating with mandated agencies to gather sex disaggregated data in support of the 5-year initiative; and
iv. Establishing guidelines for the collection, analysis and collation of gender-disaggregated data for use by relevant stakeholders.

The Kenyatta University Women’s Economic Empowerment Hub (KUWEE Hub) and The Initiative for What Works for Women’s Economic Empowerment seek to boost research, policy advocacy and communication strategies.

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