Fena Gitu ‘Unleashed’

Fena Gitu ‘Unleashed’

Fena Gitu, one of the 2019 African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) nominees, is set to release her second album Unleashed.

It coincides with her celebration of being in the Kenyan music and entertainment industry for 10 years.

“This project represents my coming of age as Fena. I realized that I needed to explore corners in my life that I was previously shy about to make more timeless music. With a fresh boost of confidence and years of experience in the music industry, I took on the challenge to become one of Africa’s most sought after singer and songwriters,” Fena said.

Fena is to be backed by by the Dynamiques Band during the launch that will be hosted by Kwambox with Jo Kisila on the decks.

Top artistes expected include Kagwe Mungai, Mayonde, Charisma, Elani and others.

In her latest album, Fena tackles themes of love, ambition, women empowerment and leadership, while she embodies a transformation of persona, style and sound.

The 15-track album saw her work with top producers such as Kanyeria, iLogos Music, Jazz Odongo, Mutoriah, Dillie and Magix Enga.

It features tracks such as Monday Blues, Siri, Zing Zong, Trouble, Karibia which capture Fena’s softer, lovey-dovey side whereas Doing Her Thing Though, Chai Moto, Unleashed, Ndigithia and Empress depict an unapologetic go-getter.

Her previous hit singles include Steam, Sijaskia Vibaya, Sema Ng’we and Kaende.

Having taken a break in 2015/2016, Fena made a comeback to the music scene in 2017 with her crossover hit single Sema Ng’we, marking the beginning of her Unleashed journey.

Currently, Fena is hailed as East Africa’s most sought after female music performers and brand influencers.


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