Here is How to Dress For an Interview

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression — Will Rogers

So after months of sending out your CV to prospective employers, you finally get the call for an interview. Your first instinct is to ‘Google’ the company background and for those who are not so familiar with Nairobi, directions to the interview location.

If you are a fresh graduate, chances are high you’ll be searching for interview tips (how to sit, stand, shake hands, speak etc).

Most people spend so much time thinking about the interview itself that they tend overlook their attire for the interview; then come the day of the interview we realize we don’t have an outfit so we just put on clothes that they assume are closest to looking ‘official’.

As much as researching about the company you hope to work in is important, what you choose to wear for a job interview is far more important than you assume.

I say this because like it or not, the way you are dressed is the first thing the interviewer will notice about you even before you stretch your hand out to give them that firm handshake you spent all night practicing.

The fact of the matter is that first impressions are formed within the first 30 seconds of meeting with someone.

So not unless you have superpowers (like the flash) and can walk into a room, shake hands, introduce yourself, hand out you CV and sit down in 30seconds you need to pay more attention to what you wear to an interview.

What do I mean? The person hiring you needs to visualize you in that position you are interviewing for, therefore, you need to look the part and make a statement about yourself that will get the hiring manager listening to what you have to offer.

A creased suit, low cut blouse, and wearing excessive make up can speak volumes about you and your character.

So you need to pick an outfit that will send out a positive message about you. We have all been told that the most important thing you can bring to an interview is confidence, and what you wear will help convey that.

Trust me when I tell you, if you are not comfortable in the outfit you are wearing, it will show during the interview.

“The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people HEAR what you say” Tyler Tervooren

The clothes you choose to wear for the interview should be neat, fitting and well pressed. Avoid wearing too much cologne/perfume.

For men, co-ordinate your outfit in such a way that everything matches, from the shirt, to the tie and down to the shoes and socks.

Women on the other hand, try your best to keep your outfits conservative, (stay away from low cuts, animal prints and sheer garments) and your make-up/jewelry understated.

Your general appearance during the interview should confirm that you respect the job and take it seriously, which will give a good impression to the interviewer.

My three pieces of fashion advice when going for an interview:

  1. Wear what you are CONFIDENT in
  2. Be stylish BUT professionally appropriate (Colors, material, design)
  3. Keep your make up and accessories to the minimum



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