Hilarious reactions by Kenyans to the Ksh 10K Lupita Nyongo meet

While many Kenyans would be excited about the prospect of dining with a global celebrity, reactions to Oscar-award winning actress Lupita Nyongo’s conservation dinner are far from what would be expected.

Thanks to the Ksh.10, 000 per plate cost, the dinner has elicited some rather hilarious comments online.

@masaku_ If i pay 10K to meet Lupita she better tie her father to a chair and shave his beard as I watch.

@OliverMathenge Eeeeh: Ati mnalipa 10K to have dinner with Lupita? Badala muwekee wazazi stima with the new subsidized KPLC payments.

@njiiru: 10k for dinner with Lupita Nyongo juu alichapwa kwa movie, Rev Timothy Njoya should also start charging guys to have dinner with him

@nerdcula: Why would anyone pay 10,000 to see Lupita when a quick Google search basically does the same thing?

@makodingo: 10k for a night with Lupita? She better be sitting on an elephant hugging its tusks & whispering “Your dreams are valid” to each patron!

The news of the Ksh 10, 000 a plate cost spread quickly over Twitter, with many of the commentators thinking that the hefty amount would go Lupita. Those in the know quickly pointed out that the function was in support of wildlife calling out those who had mistakenly rubbished the function.

‏@KinyanBoy: Think education is expensive? Try ignorance, before you jump blindly into the 10K date with #Lupita, get your facts right, the money goes to charity.

@smusyoka: The 10k goes towards elephant conservation efforts. Tulieni. #lupita

According to some online users, the trouble lay with how the invite poster was worded as it gave the impression that the one was paying to have an evening with the actress.

Muganda Clay: Designers of card didn’t headline it well. Made it seem 10k is for an evening with #Lupita, & not for conservation

@QueenGathoni: But the poster says in bold, ‘An evening with Lupita’ and the elephants are in the smallest font.


Lupita Nyongo

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