JAMILA’S TRAVEL DIARY: Flowers from a stranger

JAMILA’S TRAVEL DIARY: Flowers from a stranger

It is 4.30pm here in Victoria Canada, most of you back home are probably asleep; it is 3.30am in Kenya. Day 6 of quarantine, 8 days to go.

I received a nice surprise today. A bunch of flowers from a resident here, she was a refugee in Kenya some years back.

This lady read my travel blogs online and came over to say hello. She was connected to my room by the front desk at the hotel.

I was also able to wave at her and her lovely family rom the balcony. Thank you Deyme, your kind gesture warmed my heart.

So far so good, these four walls of my hotel room and I are BFFs now. It’s clean, warm and comfortable. My son next door is also coping well.

We talk on phone 10 times or more everyday. He is always calling to remind me to pick my meal outside the door. Or to discuss meals we are not familiar with! Someone say Quinoa!

We talk a lot about what is expected of him in school as well his hopes, fears and dreams fro the future. It is not easy for him as well, he has left behind all that is familiar for an unknown place…and I will be leaving him soon.

We still have a face to face talk on the balcony once a day..masked of course. However it is getting colder, minus 1 degree today.

We can’t stay outside for too long. The sky is blue and sunny but stepping out to the balcony results in us rushing back to our rooms, noses and eyes tingling from the cold.

The view outside my hotel room from the balcony. PHOTO | JAMILA MOHAMED

Very few people on the road outside, those that we see are all bundled up in warm clothes. But it’s peaceful here.

Beautiful views of the water as well as the ferries moving across…soothing. I am taking this as an opportunity to just take a breathe and relax a bit. My school work is ongoing. Lots of reading to do. But I have the time and enjoying it too.

We still have to give a daily update on the government Covid-19 monitoring app..Giving information on how we are feeling in terms of symptoms as well as temperature.

We also receive a daily call from the school appointed chaperone inquiring about our temperature readings. So far all is well, no temperature spikes nor any symptoms.

I miss my family back home..we talk daily…My heart at peace and glad that all is well back home…Onwards we go…


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