Kenyans react to expose on ‘gynaecologist’ who rapes his patients

Social media was on fire Sunday evening after Kenyans took to the platform to react to Citizen TV’s expose on a ‘gynaecologist’ who rapes his patients.

#DaktariMbakaji and #DoctoredAbuse hash tags trended on Twitter and Facebook the whole night and into the morning with Kenyans expressing their anger and disgust at the actions of one Mugo Wa Wairimu of Prestige Hospital in Githurai.

In the exclusive expose, Mugo was captured on video performing sexual acts with women who he had seemingly sedated under the pretext of conducting a medical check-up.

The rogue ‘gynaecologist’ would then proceed to ‘clean’ the unconscious women’s privates, after which he would take them to another room away from the ‘theatre’.

When they regain their consciousness the victims are unaware of what happened to them.

After watching the footage on TV, Kenyans in their thousands took to Facebook and twitter to express their fury.

Pauline Kiragu wrote: “This doctor has instilled fear upon many! My God, I can’t believe this.”

TV personality Julie Gichuru posted: “It’s my humble request that authorities test Mugo Wa Wairimu for HIV before finalising on charges. Thinking of his victims.”

Another one, Jackson, wrote: “What I just watched is totally inhuman. Mugo Wa Wairimu shouldn’t have a place in the society; disgusting!”

TV host, DJ Soxxy said: “Where is this world going to? How do you sedate and rape a patient? It’s disgusting and inhumane.”

Citizen TV senior reporter, Francis Gachuri, tweeted: “When the Gynae from hell claims he has been fixed by the media for political reasons, then clearly madness has been redefined!

Josphat Koech wrote: “I am very surprised. Which spirit does someone like that have?”

Vivs Ware House vented: “If you (Mugo) are clean, why didn’t you just face the cameras and say, ‘this is photoshop nonsense,’ then proceed to sue Citizen for putting your image on that which you are calling ‘choreographed pornography.’”

However, not all chose to believe the expose; some rallied behind Mugo who claimed that Citizen TV has been bribed to tarnish his reputation for political reasons.

Mugo himself posted Monday morning: “Just that? I still say no to prosecution by or through the media. I say a big no to blackmail. Period.”

In yet another post, he has written: “I am safe, very safe. Can’t answer the hundreds of calls coming in per minute. Time is the remedy for everything. For now, just be assured am safe and as fit as a fiddle.”

One Boniface Wairimu reacted: “I watched the video and I can tell it doesn’t take rocket a scientist to know it is video-shopped and therefore utter nonsense even before a court of law. The video shows no woman at all in the act with a character whose top image is removed and Mugo’s inserted.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, through Dr Bosire has urged Kenyans to confirm all registered hospitals on the before using their services.



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