Liverpool boss’ ex-wife toasts life after divorce

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’ ex-wife, Susan, is evidently happy with her new ‘single’ status after she split with the Reds’ Boss.

Raising a glass of bubbly Champaign as she relaxed in the sun, Susan toasted her new life in Spain.

The two had been married for 24 years before their acrimonious split after which Susan moved to Marbella in Spain.

Divorce lawyers are thrashing out a deal over Rodgers’ multi-million pound property estate.

The 42-year-old Liverpool manager is now living with Charlotte Searle, 32, a former travel ­organiser at the Merseyside club.

But Susan, 40, has posted a series of photos on Facebook to show him she has moved on too and is loving her new ‘single’ life.

One shot shows her in sunglasses on a lounger, beaming as she lifts her glass to the camera.

In yet another photo, Susan’s children with Rodgers – Swindon footballer Anton, 22, and Mischa, 19 – are clearly supportive of their mother as they are pictured relaxing with her and ­enjoying Mischa’s birthday party.

Susan split from Rodgers, who takes home an annual remuneration of Sh784 million (£5million) as Liverpool manager, last year.



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