Low carbs diet will give you a ‘pot’ belly

When you read healthy living magazines and weight loss articles online, you come away with the feeling that bread is the devil’s food and cakes were an invention of hell itself.

Somehow, weight-loss experts have had us believe that carbohydrate foods should not have any place on our plates if we want to remain slim waisted and fabulous.

Research has, however, proven that the presence of carbohydrates in your diet does more good than harm when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Possible long-term effects of very low carb diets may include:

  • Weight gain

When you cut out carbohydrates completely from your diet, you will lose weight, and very fast. That, however, will not last, because when you resume your normal diet, the weight will come back, only this time with its friends and neighbours.

The explanation for this is that in the absence of carbohydrates, the body will use its stores of glucose and glycogen for energy. Around 3 grammes of water are needed to release 1 gramme of glycogen hence most of the weight lost is water.

This is replaced swiftly after normal diet resumes.

  • High cholesterol

High protein diets that include fats are associated with heart disease, diabetes and cancer. High-fat meats could such as sausages, bacon and salami could also lead to abdominal obesity, what people commonly refer to as a ‘pot’ belly.

  • Bowel problems

Restricted intake of antioxidants and fibre could lead to constipation.

It is advisable to take fruits and vegetables, whether they have starch or not, as they provide the fibre that will keep constipation at bay.

Carbohydrates are therefore not evil so if you do choose to follow a low-carbohydrate diet, do not avoid carbohydrates completely because your body needs them.

Experts advise that you consume carbs that are unprocessed, such as whole grains and fruit, rather than cakes and white bread.

Also cut out soft drinks from your diet.

Select meats that are low in saturated fats such as lean beef, fish and lean pork or chicken.

According to research, the best way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise.



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