Luo ‘lifestyle’ exercised ahead of Festival

Preparation for the much-awaited Luo Festival which will go down tomorrow, Saturday, from 12 noon began on Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast show Friday morning where the Luo lifestyle was highlighted. Guests present at the show included: comedians Owago Onyiro and Mbuta, female models and singer Makadem and Band.
Owago Onyiro
Comedian Owago Onyiro stands next to Range Rover car model at Citizen TV Communication Centre Photo/Brian Okoth
They arrived at the Communication Centre in spectacular fashion, effortlessly communicating the glamour and grandeur associated with the Luo culture. Top of the range vehicles used by the guests included; Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and BMW. All these coupled with a red carpet; welcome to Citizen TV and Ramogi FM’s studios.
convertible BMW car model
Convertible BMW car model parked at Citizen TV Communication Centre Photo/Brian Okoth
Fish delicacy and other traditional Luo meal were prepared in plenty to complete the Friday morning the Luo way. Speaking to Citizen Digital, Owago said he was preparing for a colourful experience. “What I expect during the Luo Festival is the usual things we are used to; helicopters, fish and Range Rovers. They are just the normal things besides showing the world how people from the lakeside live,” he said. The comedian adds that one does not necessarily have to be from the Luo community to attend the event, as the culture incorporates everyone. “You don’t have to be from the Luo community to attend; Luo is a software which you just download. Come and let’s share the swag together,” he said. Owago promised to offer quality comedy at the event saying; “I wish I were a politician to say I will deliver liquid cash, but since I am not, I am going to effectively showcase Luo culture through comedy.” He revealed that making people laugh is something inherent in him, and that one cannot be taught how to be funny. Owago Onyiro will be performing along other renowned comedians and musicians in the hyped weekend event. Luo Festival is sponsored by Ramongi FM, a station under the Royal Media Services stable, among other corporates.  


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