‘Make use of your time, don’t waste it doing nothing,’ experts tell Kenyans amid Covid-19 restrictions

‘Make use of your time, don’t waste it doing nothing,’ experts tell Kenyans amid Covid-19 restrictions

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented top up of free time due to the many disruptions it came with including, but not limited to, movement restrictions and curfew.

For many Kenyan citizens, the overflow of time has hardly resulted in increased output as the use of the surplus remains a puzzle to most.

‘Lockdown’ fatigue has already hit a large section of Kenyans with many resulting to illegal dealings to kill boredom during this period.

Authorities have thus far reported the arrest of hundreds drinking out of prohibited entertainment joints contrary to government directives.

Meanwhile, many more spend their excess time scratching their heads over what is or what should have been. The eat-sleep- repeat routine has been one of the favorite go-to options.

However, experts reckon this is not the time to let the extra time waste away, with Nairobi-based life coach Jeff Nthiwa arguing that time is money and must always count, especially during this period that we have lot of it.

“As others worry of the current situation, someone else is looking to adapt the conditions to their advantage,” says Mr. Nthiwa.

“You can never lack an opportunity; to grow and contribute, develop a skill, an emotion or feeling so that you can become a better person. The opportunity presents itself to build connections and learn new things. What you do with this time will determine your success.”

Additionally, Mr. Nthiwa adds, one must not trouble themselves with what they cannot control as he draws parallels from the serenity prayer synonymous with Alcohol Anonymous (AA) groups.

“You seek to do your best but cannot control whatever is outside yourself. You cannot stress yourself up over tomorrow. The only control you have is today and is based on your strengths,” he added.

Robert Ochieng, a personal financial advisor and founder of Abojani Investment, also reckons that this is the time to redeem one’s financial position.

Drawing reference to three pointers; revelation, conviction and action, Mr. Ochieng says the time is now to prioritize on goals previously shelved.

“Let’s say you have always thought of starting up a business or pursuing a talent but lacked the time. This is now the time to try it out. To be successful in life one must try out a number of things to find success,” he says.

Moreover, he argues, that the window to reorganize personal budgets and shore up savings is now open as secondary expenditures such as eating out and partying  stand frozen.

“The time is now to save more and spend less,” he concludes.


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